Sports village in all 753 local levels «

Sports village in all 753 local levels

A sports village will be built in each of all 753 local levels across the country.
The Council of Ministers on December 28 endorsed a work procedure related to the infrastructure construction submitted by Ministry of Youth and Sports.
With the procedure’s passage, the construction of infrastructure in local level will start, said the ministry’s joint secretary Ana Prasad Neupane, adding that under the concept of the sports village, grounds will be built fitted for respective sports events in convenient areas for all wards.
The location for the infrastructure construction should be an area free of natural disasters and medical treatment accessible for athletes and coaches.
The government has also formed the work procedure, 2075 related to sports infrastructure construction in local level to implement the project.
The work procedures state that apart from keeping intact the sports infrastructure the educational institutions have been currently using, sports infrastructures should be constructed at a separate place which is convenient to all. It is stated that the local level shall, in consultation with the State Assembly members of the electoral constituency concerned and the members of parliament, select the place for the sports infrastructure development.
The sports infrastructures include a football ground, a volleyball court, a covered hall, a track and field ground, a swimming pool and a leisure park.
The work procedure states that at least 25 ropanis land is required in the Kathmandu Valley and the hilly and mountainous regions for the construction of the sports infrastructure. The government would provide conditional grants for the construction of the sports village. Seventy percent of the amount determined for the construction of the sports facilities would be borne by the federal government while the remaining cost would be borne by the local level concerned. The local level will get the amount within two years and this amount cannot be spent in the purchase of land.
The Ministry will provide to the local levels a model of the sports infrastructures to ensure the construction of infrastructures meeting the national and international standards and as far as possible to maintain their uniformity throughout the country.
The local levels are required to have the grant amount they receive audited and send the audit report to the Ministry and the Province Council. In order to avail of the grant amount, the local level concerned should submit an application form, through the District Coordination Committee Office, to the Ministry along with the estimated amount as well as the project design.
The Ministry, Council, provincial bodies, Committee’s Office and the local level shall monitor the sports infrastructure construction works.

Kumar Chaulagain