Federal Parliament’s third session beginning today «

Federal Parliament’s third session beginning today

The third session of the Federal Parliament of Nepal is commencing today. The Federal Parliament is bicameral made up of the House of Representatives (the lower house) and the National Assembly (the upper house).
President Bidya Devi Bhandari has summoned the session for 4:00 pm. Nepal’s constitution has conferred the right to calling and ending the Federal Parliament session to the President, on the recommendation of the government.
This session remaining as the winter session of the parliament is also considered as the ‘bill session’ and it will spend its entire duration on the discussions of drafts of bills and their endorsements.
This session is viewed as of important one as it is mandated to amend or replace laws inconsistent with the constitution, to the extent of such inconsistency. As per the constitutional provision, laws inconsistent with the constitution either need to be amended or replaced by new ones within coming March 5, 2019, which marks the completion of one year of the first meeting of the Federal Parliament.
The Business Advisory Committee under the House of Representatives is possible will schedule two meetings in the very first day of the session. In the first meeting, Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara will read out a letter received from the Office of the President about the session call. Thereafter, leaders from the political parties representing in the Federal Parliament will put their views on the basis of their participation.
Thereafter, the Bill on Administrative Court Bill-2075 with the message received from the NA will be tabled in the Parliament Secretariat. Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lalbabu Pandit is scheduled to present the Employees Adjustment Ordinance-2075 BS.
The second meeting of the today’s HoR could also present the condolence resolution on the demises of Chakra Prasad Bastola, Padma Ratna Tuladhar, and Moti Devi Chaudhary.
Likewise, in the meeting of NA, the message from the Office of President will be read out, the congratulatory message from various political parties, tabling of Employees Adjustment Ordinance will take place while towards the end of the meeting, condolence resolution would be presented on the demises of former parliamentarian Bastola, Tuladhar and Chaudhary.