State should not cuddle any religion: NCP Chair Dahal «

State should not cuddle any religion: NCP Chair Dahal

Chitwan-Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has maintained that the State should not adopt the policy of pampering one particular religion while negating others.
Addressing a condolence meet to pay tribute to the late Dhana Kumari Subedi, mother of party leader Surya Pathik and Bishwa Prakash Subedi, here on Tuesday, party Chair Dahal said that an understanding had been reached while framing the constitution to respect religion. The condolence meet was organized by NCP.
He insisted that the State should treat people subscribing to different religious faiths equally.
“It is not the principle of anyone to belittle the people’s faith. The people’s faith should be honored. However, the State should be neutral to the various faiths. It is the basic principle of democracy that the State should not discriminate against any faith,” he explained.
Education, health, and employment have been defined as the fundamental rights of the people in the constitution, the ruling party Chair and former Prime Minister said, adding that there is a stark reality of the general public in remote areas of our country not getting even the basic medical care.
NCP standing committee member Surendra Pandey said the management of the older population has become challenging in society. Nepali Congress Chitwan district president Jit Narayan Shrestha, leader Pathik, Ishwari Bhattarai and Krishna Khanal also expressed their opinion on the occasion.
Dhana Kumari is survived by her spouse, two sons, and three daughters.