Expelled by family for not bearing ‘son’, woman desperately awaits generous heart to save ailing female child «

Expelled by family for not bearing ‘son’, woman desperately awaits generous heart to save ailing female child

Jumla – A woman was reportedly expelled from home in Jumla for not bearing a son. Jhanmaya Rokaya of Ludki of Kanakasundari rural municipality-6 who is just in her mid-20s is the mother of three daughters and has so far been pregnant for a sixth time with one stillbirth.
The 26-year-old was eight-months pregnant when she was expelled from home in November along with her two small daughters by her husband and in-laws to a sheer violation of her rights to get pregnancy care and moral, physical and economic support in such sensitive period. Her personal judgment is that the man and his relatives drove her away as they calculated that she was not meeting their ‘expectation’ this time also.
Since then Jhanmaya has been staying at her maternal home. She gave birth to a baby girl on December 23 through C-section surgery at the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences. The baby was said to be infected with Hepatitis B since the birth. The lonely mother is struggling to manage the treatment expense for her ailing child.
Faced an early marriage, she gave birth to a dead baby who was a daughter as her first child and as she said, she aborted two pregnancies thereafter. It was her husband Ganga Ram Rokaya who forced to undergo her sex determination and abort them for being ‘female’.
Her two daughters are under the protection of her parents. It is said that her parents are not in a position to afford the treatment of their grandchildren due to poverty.
The hospital has already referred the child to another health facility, but the mother has only two options ahead- either stop the treatment process or find some generous hearts to help her in these tough days of her life.
With the support of her aged parents, she arrived in the hospital for the latest delivery after being aware by local medicos that the baby was positioned head-down (cephalic presentation).
Neither her husband nor any member from her in-laws home has come to attend her at the hospital at this dire need. She has no updates about her husband since she was forced to mid-20s.