Nepse index hits double-digit fall «

Nepse index hits double-digit fall


Kathmandu- The price of shares in the domestic stock market has dropped by two digits. 
According to the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), the Nepse index that measures the transaction decreased by 10.37 points to sit at 1,148.70 points in today’s trading. Likewise, the sensitive index that measures the share transaction of class ‘A’ companies fell 2.21 points to rest at 244.23 points. 
One million 62 thousand 43 units of shares of a total 161 companies were traded for Rs 322 million 900 thousand 47 today. 
Only two out of the 11 sub-groups of the companies trading their shares saw an increase. Among the sub-groups of companies recording increase in transaction are finance sub-group with an increase of 0.13 points and the production sub-group with an increment of 1.02 points. 
Bnaking sub group decerased by 9.38 points, the trade sub-group by 3.46 points, hotel sub-group by 9.57 points, the development bank sub-group by 11.27 points, hydropower sub-group by 2.71 points, the non-life insurance sub-group companies by 105.17 points, others by 2.31 points, microfinance sub-group by 24.23 points and the life insurance sub-group companies by 47.76 points.