Construction of Rasuwagadhi power house in full swing «

Construction of Rasuwagadhi power house in full swing

Rasuwa-The construction of powerhouse of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project in Rasuwa has gained momentum. 
The 4,185-metre-long redress tunnel of the 111-MW hydropower project has been already constructed. Likewise, the excavation works have also been carried out in power generation site and the construction of power house structure is gaining momentum, shared Project Chief Chhabi Gaire. 
The project that began in 2014 has seen the overall progress of 70 per cent in its construction works, said Madhav Koirala, managing director of the project. 
The hydropower company has the target to complete the construction of the project and generate the electricity by February 2020. Having a total estimated investment of Rs 13.64 billion, the project initially was expected to compete by 2017. The shortage of fuel caused by economic blockade and 2015 devastating earthquake as well as its aftershocks delayed the construction of the project. 
As part of its drive for bio-diversity conservation, the project has planted 2,700 saplings in the project site and also constructed a building of Langtang National Park in Dhunche.