‘Nepal’s image high in international arena’ «

‘Nepal’s image high in international arena’

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali has said the successful conclusion of the peace process and promulgation of a new, inclusive Constitution has established Nepal’s good image in the international arena.
At a tea reception hosted by CPN, Kathmandu Metropolis-28 Committee on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar, Nepal Sambat and Chhath at Anamnagar today, he said some of the countries have also started adopting Nepal’s experience in concluding the home-grown peace process.
The world community was attentively listening to the success of Nepal’s peace process and arrangements of the new Constitution in the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, he added.
He further shared the high-level delegation of the countries including South Sudan, Afghanistan and Myanmar had closely observed and studied Nepal’s peace process.
Minister Gyawali added that Nepal has improved its relations with neighboring India and China in a balanced manner of late.
He said that the government has not been able to fulfill all aspirations of the people in a short span of time