Curbing corruption should be common agenda: CIAA chief Ghimire «

Curbing corruption should be common agenda: CIAA chief Ghimire

Bhimdattanagar- Chief Commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Navin Kumar Ghimire, has said that curbing of corruption should be the common agenda of the government, civil society and the entire state mechanism along with the CIAA.
While inaugurating a newly constructed building of CIAA province level office in the Far-Western province today, the CIAA chief opined that only combined efforts could bring a remarkable progress in the corruption minimization. The office is based in Bhimdattanagar of Kanchanpur.
According to him, the establishment of good governance should be the prime need of the nation. Multiple challenges are ahead to establish good governance, and the CIAA is dedicatedly working towards that end. He went to say further that development endeavors had been suffered by mismanagement, adding the CIAA had heightened its surveillance on those contractors causing a delay in development projects. The CIAA has demanded details about existing contracts from the respective ministries; investigations have been started into 8-10 companies.
“The CIAA has received several complaints about increasing corruption at the local level and it is minutely observing issues concerned with the CIAA in all provinces and activities of the local levels.”
He said, “The Commission and the government are working to take the orientation programme to the local level Ward Chairperson’s level and the Ministry of Finance is positive on mobilizing required resources for this purpose.”.
Commission secretary Rameshwar Neupane said that no one has the excuse to commit corruption in the name of transition. He added that the Commission is moving ahead by utilizing its additional expertise and it has its presence in all the seven provinces as per the federal set-up.
“We have set up an engineering laboratory at the Central Office to investigate into cases concerning the development and construction. The Commission is serious over the dillydallying and irresponsibility in the development construction works,” he said, adding that the engineering laboratory would be set up at all the Commission’s seven provincial offices.
Secretary Neupane said there are 916 employees’ posts at the Commission. The Commission’s two buildings were constructed at a cost of Rs 73.89 million. The Commission’s Mahendranagar office was set up five years back as the contact office and it was expanded into the Far-west Province Office after some time.