Coca-Cola Nepal takes another step towards World without waste «

Coca-Cola Nepal takes another step towards World without waste

In line with its strategic focus on recycling and waste management, Coca-Cola announced expansion of its PET bottle recovery project in Nepal. As part of this initiative, The Coca-Cola Foundation & Bottlers Nepal (Terai) Limited will set up a new PET collection center near the manufacturing plant in Bharatpur, Chitwan.
Coca-Cola plans to invest approximately USD 270,000 in the project to provide momentum to its existing PET waste recovery efforts in Nepal. In partnership with Creasion, the project aims to collaborate with the local municipality, business establishments, citizens & waste pickers to emulate a multi stakeholder approach towards finding a solution to recycle PET waste in Nepal.
Speaking on the initiative, John Murphy, President Asia Pacific Region at The Coca-Cola Company stated, “It gives us immense pleasure to extend our commitment to the World Without Waste initiative in Nepal. This project is another step towards the Company’s larger strategy to grow with conscience and become a total beverage company that grows the right way. We will continue to work with our partners to strengthen our recycling and waste management efforts.”
The Coca-Cola Company’s recycling initiatives are part of the Company’s commitment towards helping create a “World Without Waste” is the Company’s global goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging by the year 2030.
As part of its commitment towards environmental protection and societal well-being, Coca-Cola is committed to achieving significant volumes of PET recycling in Nepal by focusing on PET recovery and recycling. The beverage company commenced its recycling approach in 2014 with the establishment of a Multi-Partnership Project named ‘Nagar Mitra’, a social enterprise, leading to the creation of a substantial number of green jobs for disadvantaged women, and contributing to a cleaner environment through an efficient and responsible mechanism for collection and disposal of used PET bottles. Additionally, in collaboration with its Sustainability partners including WWF Nepal, Himalayan Climate Initiative and GIZ, the Company is actively involved in activities including raising awareness on recycling and exploring opportunities for a closed loop recycling solution in Nepal.
Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung, Country Representative of WWF Nepal stated, “For WWF, Partnerships are critical in addressing natural resource challenges that impact the world. We are pleased to see the long-standing relation between WWF and The Coca-Cola Company, who have jointly been working on promoting sustainable use of water, enhancing livelihoods of local communities and conserving freshwater ecosystem in Nepal and around the globe. Our collaboration with Coca-Cola Nepal on finding solutions for recyclable plastics will leverage on the experience combined with WWF Nepal’s partnership with the Government of Nepal, local communities and other stakeholders.”

 About Coca-Cola Nepal

Coca-Cola in Nepal refreshes thousands of consumers throughout the country through its core product offerings of Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Kinley and impacts over 5000 people as a System. Coca-Cola in Nepal works with UN HABITAT on the Support My School Initiative to provide basic amenities in schools, as well as the ‘Safe Water Project’, to improve access to drinking water across 14 communities in Nepal. Through the STAR Retailer training programs, Coca-Cola Nepal is also empowering women retailers, as part of The Coca-Cola Company’s global 5BY20 initiative. The Company has recently partnered with Himalayan Climate Initiative and GIZ for a PET Recollection Social enterprise that encourages recycling of PET waste. Coca-Cola Nepal also observes World Water Day and is aiming to bring about a positive difference to the lives of communities across the country.

About HCI

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) is a Youth driven Nepali Non-Profit Organization committed to Social Inclusion and Climate Resilience. It advocates Nepal to choose a Zero-Carbon Economic Growth trajectory. Co-founded in 2011 by a group of eminent entrepreneurs of Nepal, HCI delivers IMPACT by incubating, supporting and sustaining social- entrepreneurial initiatives. HCI prides itself in finding and developing dozens of youth leaders, earning support from hundreds of corporate and civil society partners, and having developed strategic connect with multiple government institutions of Nepal. It has rolled out twelve socially minded start-ups aligned to its three-pronged strategy. Since its inception in 2011, HCI has been involved with incubating and sustaining social enterprises and charitable initiatives. After successfully floating a dozen social start-ups, HCI has now set-up professionally run Social Innovation and Business Incubation Hubs (SIBI Hubs) at Kathmandu and Nepalgunj.

About WWF

WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization, working in 100 countries for nearly half a century. With the support of almost 5 million members worldwide, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change. WWF has been active in Nepal since the 1960s and remains committed to the vital work being done in the region to save its unique and irreplaceable biodiversity.

About Creasion

Center for Research and Sustainable Development Nepal (CREASION)established in 2005, is a not for profit, non-governmental organization, driven by the vision of compassion-based development. Post two major earthquakes that hit Nepal in the month of April and May of 2015, CREASION launched the Rebuild For Change (RFC) project building over 1000 temporary metal shelters, rebuilding schools, earthquake resistant houses, dispense solar panels, and build semi- permanent toilets. In addition, Creasion runs Women for Change (WFC) program that aims at using the work that women are already involved in, to help them gain economic autonomy, social engagement and legal rights. Volunteer For Change (VFC) is another major project by Creasion and one of the largest international volunteering platforms based in Nepal offering placements in fields including teaching, environment, medicine, journalism, human rights. The International Volunteer Program (IVP) has had over 100+ international volunteers from countries such as Germany, France, USA, Canada and India. Creasion has forayed into Plastic Waste Management sector with the aim of setting up a self- sustainable recycling enterprise.