Tourist spots of Morang come alive with holiday makers «

Tourist spots of Morang come alive with holiday makers

Holiday makers have started visiting the tourist spots in Morang district after receiving tika, jamara and blessings of the Bijaya Dashami festival.
Places like Betani Simsar, Betana Simsar, Hasina Simsar, Jefale hill, Neselung hill among other touristic spots in the district have witnessed increasing number of visitors.
The natural beauty of Betana Simsar, a wetland park adjacent to the East-West highway at Belbari, draws a lot of visitors. A large umber of people who want to enjoy the natural beauty have flocked to Betana.
In the experience of locals, this place is mostly visited by domestic tourists especially during the Dashain festival. President of Betana community forest users committee Dambar Basnet said that more than 2,000 people on average come daily to Betana Simsar during the Dshain festival holiday. He added that on normal days around 500 people visit this place daily. Betana Simsar is a no smoking zone.
Smoking is allowed only in hotels and restaurants. Smoking is prohibited inside the forest, places where animals are found and around the lake.
Another touristic place, Betini Simsar at Urlabari-2, is also drawing a lot of visitors during the Dashain. Number of vsitors has increased during the Dashain festival, said Bhim Rai who is the president of the Simsar management committee.
According to him, more than 1,000 visitors have been coming to Betini Simsar daily these days. The place has become famous with domestic tourists with the starting of boating in the lake.
Jefale hill at Kerabari rural municipality-2 in north Morang is also drawing high number of visitors. This hilltop is famous for sight seeing. There is also the community home stay service for the tourists.

– Suman Ghimire