Udeshya successfully completed «

Udeshya successfully completed

With the objective of promoting the interest of female students in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Teach For Nepal (TFN) Alumni ran a 6-day residential boot camp ‘Udeshya II: Girls in STEM’.
The programme was jointly organized by Anuvuti International and UNESCO Kathmandu in collaboration with the Alumni. The bootcamp was made possible through the support from UNESCO Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education The residential boot camp had sessions on STEM for problem-solving and leadership skills.
“The participants learned about rural technology, online mapping and they also developed problem-solving capability and skills to use modern technology to solve the problems,” said one of the organizers of the boot camp and Teach for Nepal Alumna Richa Neupane. She further reported that the programme was launched to make the female students aware about the importance of girls in STEM and to motivate them to continue getting involved in this sector.
The programme had 20 students from 11 schools in six districts where Teach For Nepal currently works. In the six-days’ boot camp the students learned to use Google and Gmail for email. They gained problem-solving skills from design challenge session. They also had training and workshops to learn self-defense, leadership development and the application of STEM in their daily lives. Students learned how to prepare themselves for a future in STEM from career counseling session.
“After attending the boot camp the students are excited and are planning to initiate STEM club in school and community which will raise awareness about STEM,” said another organizer and TFN alum Shina Shrestha. “By this boot camp students were confident and they also knew the importance of their voice”, she added.
“The students were able to have a good understanding of STEM skills,” another organizer and TFN alum Astha Khatri reported. She further added, “This boot camp was designed to motivate girls to know that it is important to raise voice for solving the problems they are facing.”
First edition of Udeshya took place in July this year. It was part of the Alumni’s Teach for All Global Girls’ Education Fellowship final project. To give continuity to Udeshya I, Udeshya II was further supported by My Emotions Matter, Karkhana, Teach For Nepal, Kyrios and Global College International.