Domestic share market again on bearish run «

Domestic share market again on bearish run

The domestic share market suffered a two-digit fall today. Though it recorded a slight increase Tuesday, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index Wednesday slid 10.76 points to close at 1230.60 points. 
The NEPSE stated the sensitive index that measures the share values of ‘A’ class companies, fell 2.39 points to sit at 261.1 points. The total turnover was also counted less today than the previous day. This figure was Rs 37,404,987. A total of 1,436,512 units of share of 165 companies were traded today. 
However, two sub-indices relating to the trading and hotels groups ended at green, indicating the rise in share values. The remaining nine sub-indices banking ( 10.12 points), development bank ( 11.52 ), hydropower ( 15.14), finance ( 3.33), nonlife insurance ( 51.38), manufacturing and production ( 6.52), others ( 8.75), microfinance ( 9.75), and life insurance ( 37.45) decreased.