Natural resources exploitation must be controlled-Minister Baskota «

Natural resources exploitation must be controlled-Minister Baskota

Kavrepalanchowk– Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Baskota, has insisted on the need of taking timely interventions to control encroachment on natural resources. 
In his address to a ‘local- level seminar on drinking water management’ started at Dhulikhel today, the Minister said unauthorized use of natural resources would end in a crisis and all should be aware of this on time. 
He went on to say that stone quarries were operational in the areas having water resources, causing a serious impact on natural resources and a shortage of drinking water nationwide. 
Stating that the importance of water is linked with the people every moments of life, he called on the local level to be defensive for the well protection and management of water resources. 
According to him, the local levels have ‘virgin land’ and awareness and efforts within from there are essential to protect such natural properties. As he said, works relating to the Melamchi Drinking Water Project got delayed as an ‘attack on its resource’ could not be controlled on time. He took a time to urge the Water Supply Ministry to come up with a long-term vision regarding the implementation of projects of national pride. 
National Planning Commission (NPC) member Meen Bahadur Shahi said the Commission was about to implement the urbanization development plans in the metropolitan, sub-metropolitan and municipal areas. 
Joint-Secretary at the Ministry of Water Supply, Anil Bhadra Khanal said every Nepali citizen would have access to basic drinking water and sanitation facilities by the next three years. 
The two-day event is attended by mayors and representatives from 20 municipalities and officials from the best drinking water consumers’ committees from all seven provinces.