Medical Education Bill is in priority – Education Minister «

Medical Education Bill is in priority – Education Minister

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel has said that although the Bill on Medical Education could not be passed in the monsoon session of the parliament, it was still in the government’s priority. 
Inaugurating the eighth annual general meeting and the fifth convention of Education Journalists’ Network (EJoN) here on Friday, he said that the Medical Education Bill would be passed by the winter session of the parliament that will commence after the Dashain festival holidays. 
“We were busy in getting the bills related to the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution passed in the parliament. So, the Medical Education Bill could not be passed. We will have it passed in the next parliament session,” he explained. 
The Education Minister claimed that the Compulsory and Free Education Act was socialism-oriented, saying the government would work in coordination with the private sector for strengthening the public education. He insisted that the education provided by the private sector-run educational institutions should be service-oriented than profit-oriented. 
On the occasion, he shared that the government was bringing a 25-year strategy for building a prosperous nation based on social justice. 
Minister Pokharel urged the universities to change the nature of basic education and make it a tool of research and new knowledge. He added that the Federal Education Act which is going to be introduced would make revisions in the practice of primary education. 
The convention has elected a new working committee of the EJoN. Prakriti Adhikari is the president, Rubi Rauniar is the vice-president, Surya Pandey is the general secretary, Durga Lamichhane is the secretary and Binod Poudel is the treasurer of the new working committee. 
The members include Bishnu Nepal, Sharad Sharma, Rabi Chandra Parajuli, Parbata Chaudhary, Rupesh Acharya and Narayan Kilambu.