FSFN not to mark Constitution Day as ‘black day’ «

FSFN not to mark Constitution Day as ‘black day’

Kathmandu- The Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) has made it clear it has not taken any decision to mark ‘black day’ anytime soon citing an understanding has been made with the parties in the ruling coalition regarding amending the constitution. 
Through a press release it issued today, the FSFN stated that it has not made any decision recently to participate in programmes like marking ‘black day’ despite its prevailing reservations, protests and dissent towards the Constitution of Nepal promulgated from the Constituent Assembly. 
It is also stated in the press release that the party has been struggling in support of the Madhesi, indigenous nationalities, dalits, women, Khas, Tharu, Mislims among the exploited and oppressed people, besides the establishment of the federal democratic republic Nepal. 
“An understanding has been reached between our party and the parties in the government for securing additional rights while correcting the shortcomings in the constitution through amendment and at the same time protecting the already-achieved rights,” the press release undersigned by party’s deputy general secretary Prakash Adhikari reads. 
The FSFN’s press release comes in the context of rumours that the party was marking the Constitution Day on September 19 as black day to protest the constitution.