Laws on individual privacy should be in line with constitution «

Laws on individual privacy should be in line with constitution

The lawmakers have stressed on the formulation of the laws related to the protection of the individual’s privacy in line with the essence of the Constitution of Nepal.
During the Sunday’s meeting of the State Affairs Committee of the Parliament, lawmakers Dilendra Badu, Sher Bahadur Tamang, Nawaraj Silwal, Prem Suwal and Krishna Bhakta Pokharel opined the same.
The Acts were being formulated to implement the fundamental rights for Protection of Individual’s Right to Privacy enshrined in the Article 28 of the constitution as the constitution stipulates the formulation of laws and implementation of the constitution within the three years of its promulgation.
Clause-wise discussions on the Act were being held in the Committee to give it a final shape.
The Right stipulates that the privacy of any persons, his or her residence, property, documents, data, correspondences and matters related to character shall, except in accordance with law, be inviolate.
On the occasion, Chairperson of the Nepal Law Commission Madhav Poudel shared that the laws were being formulated to protect the right to protect one’s privacy and it would apply to both, the public as well as those assuming public roles.
Deliberations are ongoing whether there will be the protection of privacy on one’s passport, religion, property and blood group among others.
The next clause-wise deliberation is scheduled on tomorrow at 1 am, according to the Committee’s President Meena Pandey.