Gadhawa to be developed as new city «

Gadhawa to be developed as new city

Tulasipur-The Ministry of Urban Development has selected Gadhawa rural municipality to develop it as one of the new cities in Tarai-Madhesh. 
Chairperson of Gadhawa rural municipality, Sahajram Yadav said that Gadhawa was selected under the programme to develop 15 modern cities in Tarai-Madhesh and an integrated development master plan has been implemented. 
Soon after the selection, an intense discussion was held among stakeholders comprising experts in the rural municipality regarding physical infrastructure on Tuesday. Five-year integrated plan, feasibility study, archive of the rural municipality would be prepared in the first-phase. 
Long-term master plan would be formulated to run programme in nine areas—physical, social, economic, cultural, tourism, financial, disaster management and climate change adaptation of the rural municipality. 
According to the rural municipality, different works including upgrading roads, land development programme, education, health, tourism, agriculture, drinking water, integrated settlement programme and management of landfill site would be carried out for the same.