First national conference on pre-hospital care for emergencies «

First national conference on pre-hospital care for emergencies

Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal Ambulance Service (NAS), World Health Organization Nepal (WHO-N), Danish Red Cross and European Union Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection has organized First National Conference on Pre-Hospital Care for Emergencies in Nepal for EMTs, health workers, doctors, medical representatives and practitioners.
The Event was organized to create a scene assessment of the pre-hospital environment, initial assessment of the patient, manage the life threatening emergencies with appropriate initial steps, proper monitoring during the transfer of the patient while maintaining good communication with their medical base. Pre-Hospital Care Conference was conducted with the aims of advancing the responders knowledge, confidence and skill with regards to these challenges.
The conference – inaugurated by Chief Guest State Minister for Health and Population Padma Kumari Aryal – saw secretary of the Ministry of Health and Population Dr Pushpa Chaudhary; Professor, Emergency Medicine, Stanford University Dr SV Mahadevan; Team Lead, WHE WHO CO for Nepal Dr Reuben Samuel; and Nepal Red Cross Deputy Secretary General Hari Prasad Neupane among others. Om Raj Bhandari, president of NAS chaired the program.
“As the president and one of the founders of Nepal Ambulance Service, I am aware of the dire state of pre-hospital care services throughout Nepal,” Raj Bhandari, on the occasion, said. “Many critically ill and injured patients are deprived of timely treatment due to lack of emergency treatments, safe transport to the hospital where they get definitive care,” he said, adding, “Lack of standard ambulances with trained staffs force many people to opt for taxi or sub-standard ambulances with only the driver, which in many cases leads to preventable deaths. “
Speaking at the occasion, the key note speaker Dr Mahadevan from Stanford said, “Like police and fire brigade during our emergencies, pre-hospital care is also equally important and basic rights of citizens. Every country should work towards their basic rights. I am happy that these sort of conference and deliberation in partnership with government is going to stepping stone towards it.”
“Our country lacks vision for Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Another key note speaker, Founding President of NAS, Dr. Rajesh Gongal said, adding, “All of us stake holders in partnership with Health Ministry should work towards creating a long term vision. I hope this conference will lead us towards that vision.”
Also speaking at the occasion, Chief Guest Minister Aryal reassured about the partnership between Ministry of Health and NAS towards creating a central call centre for all the ambulances. “NAS should lead the EMS concept and work with the Government of Nepal to provide the quality pre-hospital care to every Nepali,” she added.
Pre-Hospital care is the emergency care a patient receives which is usually performed by emergency medical technicians and paramedics prior to reaching the hospital. It includes immobilization of the injured area in a functional position below the level of the heart, administration of oxygen, establishment of intravenous access on the contralateral side, and transportation of the patient to the nearest medical facility.