Over dozen villages prone to flooding «

Over dozen villages prone to flooding

Urlabari-More than a dozen of villages in Morang district are in high risk of flooding. 
Nepal Red Cross Society Morang Chapter has said dozen plus villages were facing risk of inundation due to the flooding in Bakraha, Ratuwa, Lohandra, Chisang, Singiya, Keshliya rivers in the district. 
In view of the flood with the monsoon getting active, Morang Chapter of Nepal Red Cross Society has been conducting awareness programmes with the coordination of local levels. It has been urging the locals to remain alert over the disaster. 
District President of the Society, Subodh Kumar Singh, said the floods in the local rivers and streams cause human and physical loss. As per the Red Cross report, the people in the vicinity of Bakraha River are in high risk of floods and inundation. 
The Bakraha River poses threat to the people from Madhumalla, Mechedangi, Govindapur, Itahar, Bardanga and Hasandah villages in the district. 
Similarly, Ratuwa River is a big threat to Itahar, Sijuwa and Mahadeva settlements, while Lohandra River threatens life and property at Matiyari and Dhokardhar. 
According to the Society, 14 persons were killed in flooding while two went missing in the district last year. Similarly, more than 3,500 households were displaced by the inundation. 
Urlabari Municipality Chief, Khadga Fago, however, said local levels have allocated budgets for the preparedness of possible risk of flood and inundation. Ward chairs and members were given special responsibility to make people aware of it, he added.