TIMS Fund handover to family of 33 deceased trekking workers «

TIMS Fund handover to family of 33 deceased trekking workers

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) on Friday handed over Rs 250,000 each to the family of 33 deceased trekking workers, who lost their lives in the Himalayas.
TAAN president Nava Raj Dahal – welcoming all the guest and family of deceased trekking workers, who lost their lives during the trekking period due to natural disasters and other unavoidable uncertainties – explained the importance of TIMS for controlling illegal trekking operation, generating employment opportunities and ensuring indemnity for trekking labours.
Expressing the significance of TIMS to make trekking mandatory from a government registered trekking company would assure the revenue increment, accurate database of trekkers including their safety. “Even though the MoU between NTB and TAAN signed more than four years ago for workers welfare, the working procedure to mobilize the fund for family of deceased trekking workers was not made since four years but with the repeated effort TAAN has been able to handover them alleviation,” he said, anticipating that the rescue and medical charges will also be released in upcoming days.
NTB chief executive officer Deepak Raj Joshi, on the occasion, highlighted upon making trekking trials more safe and secure through proper maintenance.
NTB Board Member Krishna Aryal stated that the TIMS fund was not released since a long time ago due to required documentations and expressed his sympathy towards all the workers who lost their lives. He also said that TAAN and NTB will go hand and hand for effective management of TIMS in upcoming days. Assuring to release the fund for workers welfare after the proper documents are submitted, he requested TAAN to display the evidence through log book presented at Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).
NTB Board Member Deepak Mahat said that TIMS amount being national revenue, releasing the fund is not that easy as per the signed MoU between TAAN and NTB. “Many trekking companies are not issuing TIMS believing that the fund won’t be released for the welfare of workers, this programme will let them know that they will receive the amount according to the mentioned policy but will take some effort and time, he added.
Closing the programme, TIMS coordinator Rajan Prashad Kapri thanked entire guest and solaced in the name of deceased trekking workers. A moment of silence was offered and 33 candles were lighted in the remembrance of the trekking workers who lost their lives in the Himalayas.