Karishma Kapoor inaugurates Marigold Jewelers’ showroom «

Karishma Kapoor inaugurates Marigold Jewelers’ showroom

Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor inaugurated Durbar Marg branch of Nepal’s oldest and well known and jewelry shop Marigold Jewelers amid a ceremony here in Kathmandu on Monday.
Marigold believes that Kapoor’s presence would be helpful for promoting and expanding its market in India as well, said owner of Marigold Jewellers Jyotsna Shrestha, after opening.
Marigold, which has been transferred to the fourth generation now, is known as the oldest jewelry shop of the nation, she said, adding that Marigold was first started from Indrachok by the Shrestha family. “Having almost a hundred years of experience in making and selling jewelry, the showroom was later shifted as in the name of ‘Tisa Dhuku’ at Makhan, where it operated with its new name Marigold.
Marigold Jewelers brand has been serving its customers since more than two decades. It is popular among its customers as a well-known and reliable jewelry shop in Nepal these days, she claimed.
It has been preparing and selling Nepali traditional, foreign designed and fusion of Nepali and foreign designed jewelry, a press note reads, adding that various gold, silver, diamond jewelry and various types of precious stones are available in the showroom. “Marigold has set a goal of not only selling jewelry but excavating Nepali Kyanite, Ruby, Blue sapphire and Nepali gemstone, selling them abroad and bring foreign currency to the nation.”
On the occasion of the inauguration, Shrestha, also explained that it is selling high quality jewelry and planning to take Nepali traditional jewelry to the international market. “We have expected that presence of Bollywood actress would enhance the market and promote Nepali traditional jewelry in Indian market,” she said, expressing that the presence of Bollywood actress would expand and promote Nepali culture and market of Nepali jewelry in India. “We are also helping the government formulate policy for hallmarking jewelry and setting a goal of excavating precious stones in Nepal itself.”
Marigold has been serving its customers from newly opened Durbar Marg showroom along with New Road showroom.