Swastima Khadka celebrates Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav «

Swastima Khadka celebrates Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav

KATHMANDU: Coca-Cola has partnered with leading restaurants and eating joints for a unique campaign ‘Coca-Cola Mo:Motsav’ to celebrate with customers, family and friends. This campaign also engages much-loved actors to visit the outlets and interact with consumers at the outlets enjoying their meals, according to the company.
Actress Swastima Khadka visited different outlets to sample the delicious combination of Mo:mo and Coca-Cola, it said, adding that as Swastima reached one of the outlets, she was swarmed by her fans from Shanker Dev College. “She was surrounded by fans, who took snapshots and photos.”
Overwhelmed with all the love and adoration from her fans, she said that she loved mo:mos but only tasted a few varieties, so when I got this opportunity, I’ve tried every possible mo:mo delicacy. “They tasted incredible! I am so thankful to Coca-Cola for making me a part of this celebration,” she added.
Mo:motsav gave her the opportunity to explore the authentic taste of mo:mo from every corner of the city, and coke really compliments the flavours and spices of mo:mo dishes.