New government will reconsider decisions made by Deuba : Oli «

New government will reconsider decisions made by Deuba : Oli

The CPN-UML on Thursday said that the new government will reconsider the decisions that are being taken by the incumbent government led by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.
The main opposition CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharman Oli, organizing a press meet, said that the decisions taken by the incumbent caretaker government will have a long-term effect in the economy and administration. “Thus, the next government under the left alliance will dismiss all the decisions made by the incumbent government,” he said, adding that the current government is hell-bent on disturbing the economy and state mechanisms. “We warn the government to stop all unjustifiable and immoral activities and draw the attention of all not to be a part of the decisions that would harm the nation in the long run.”
Oli called a press meet after the Deuba Led government decided to reduce the age bar for elderly allownce putting a huge liability on to the state coffer. CPN-UML claims that the social security scheme has been its brain child, whereas the democrats has been against doling out the people’s tax for a party’s benefit.
Deuba Led cabinet’s move provoked the CPN-UML as it is going to lead the first federal government in the history that is going to be under serious pressure for resources
The CPN-UML has also criticised Deuba government for adding Rs 100,000 to the victims of earthquake and floods
The NC decision has added around Rs 100 billion liability on the state coffer.