Ginger export comes to a complete halt «

Ginger export comes to a complete halt

Jan 25, ILAM — Ginger farmers in Ilam are bearing the brunt after the Indian side stopped the import of Nepali ginger.
The decision of the India customs office not to import Nepali ginger, citing the product is substandard has made ginger farmers of Ilam and Panchthar districts worried.
Hundreds of trucks loaded with ginger are stranded along the Nepal-India border in Kakarvitta point of Jhapa. Some trucks have already started making their way back.
Krishna Poudel of Biblyante who is upset with the decision accused Indian side of discouraging the Nepali products on different pretexts. He claimed that their product has quality and is not adulterated as claimed by the India side.
Sharing his experience of some two months ago, he was recalling the moments when had to go bring back four vehicles laden with ginger to his warehouse from Kakarvitta after the India side did not allow the passage of vehicles towards India. Ginger farmers in the district are busy in harvesting their product in the hope of getting market.
One Gopikrishna Timsina of Phakphokthum Rural Municipality-2, who had already readied his product for supply to the Indian market, is worried to see the Nepal-India border closed for the export of Nepali ginger. Ginger farmers who hoped to get better price for their produces this year comparatively to than the last year purchased seeds per Rs 2,000 per kg. The current price of ginger is Rs 500-Rs 700 per kg but with the halt of export to India has brought its sale to a standstill, according to a local ginger supplier Indra Adhikari.
Nepal Ginger Producers and Entrepreneurs Association chair Narendra Khadka has demanded the government take initiation to ensure smooth expert of Nepal ginger to Indian markets.