Australia Day celebrated in Kathmandu on Thursday «

Australia Day celebrated in Kathmandu on Thursday

 Jan 25, Peter Budd, Australia’s Ambassador to Nepal hosted a reception at the Ambassador’s Residence in Kathmandu to celebrate the Australia Day.

26 January is a day for Australians to reflect on what it means to be Australian and to celebrate our cultural diversity, he said at the programme. “Through pure weight of numbers, Nepalis are also playing an increasing role in this celebration,” he said, adding that Australia, like Nepal, has elements of its history they may not be proud of, but which can both harness as a motivator to do things better in the future. “Given the historical context of 26 January, it is not surprising that a growing number of Australians are increasingly willing to engage in conversations about changing the date of Australia Day.”

“Australia is a country of migrants,” A press note from the Embassy in Kathmandu reads. “As part of this celebration, we will also announce the winner of our Australian of the Year Award, he said, adding that the award is unique in that it is sponsored by a national government and commands broad public support since its introduction in 1960.”

Australia Day also represents an opportunity to celebrate its cultural diversity, the envoy said, adding that the diversity includes a growing number of Nepalis in Australia.