China donates over 32,000 solar power generators to Nepal «

China donates over 32,000 solar power generators to Nepal

China has donated over 32,000 solar power generating systems to Nepal to enhance its domestic capacity and to provide electricity to communities that have been without power since the 2015 earthquake.
The donated items included 32,000 sets of household solar power generation systems and 325 sets of solar power generation systems.
Lately, China has been investing heavily in Nepal as it seeks to expand its influence and also counter the India that is the sole supplier of essential goods including petroleum products to Nepal.
“The support provided by China is instrumental to addressing environmental problems and climate change,” said Ram Prasad Lamsal, joint secretary at Nepal’s Ministry of Population and Environment on Sunday, after receiving the solar sets.
According to the government, the systems will be distributed by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) in districts highly impacted by a devastating earthquake that hit the country in 2015.
Ram Prasad Dhital, executive director at AEPC, on the occasion, said that the larger power generation systems will be used for community schools, health centers, and local government offices while the low power systems will be used by households.