Coca-Cola Mo: Motsav delights Barsha Siwakoti «

Coca-Cola Mo: Motsav delights Barsha Siwakoti

Model and actress Barsha Siwakoti visited different outlets to celebrate the Mo: Motsav campaign and experience the delicious combination of Mo: mo and Coca-Cola. Along with the throng of her fans, Barsha was seen enjoying the festival with gusto, according to Coca-Cola.
“I’m delighted to be amongst everyone here in streets and restaurants of Kathmandu relishing delicious Mo:mos and my favorite Coca-Cola,” She said, hailing the chefs, Coca-Cola and everyone else involved who made the campaign experience for me a sheer delight.
Barsha said she will continue to be visiting outlets and fans have the chance to meet her and to enjoy all different varieties of momos with Coca-Cola with their favorite celebrity.
“Coca-Cola is the preferred beverage with food all over the world, no matter what the meal is,” Ambuj Singh, Country Director of Coca-Cola in Nepal said, adding, “We hope that through our Momotsav campaign, people will appreciate the joys of delicious Mo:mos and their favorite Coke.”
During the campaign, in certain outlets, consumers will get great discounts with the combo of Coca-Cola and momo. For identifying the outlets where momotsav is running, consumers can get information through national newspapers or can see the momotsav banner outside the outlets.