Japan provides technical machinery to students in Morang «

Japan provides technical machinery to students in Morang

Shinya Machida signed a grant contract to provide technical machinery to Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic in Kathmandu. The contract was signed between the Embassy of Japan and the Chairman of the Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic, Bharat Mohan Adhikari.
The Project for the Installation of Technical Machinery for Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic in Morang District is funded under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) of the Japanese Government. The total grant assistance is USD 75,167 (approximately Rs 7.7 million).
The project will support the installation of a set of high-quality technical machines such as total stations, digital theodolites, a universal testing machine, air and oil circuit breakers, and a micro-hydro model.
Manmohan Polytechnic, established in 2003, is located in Hattimuda, Morang District. The school currently has 1,600 students and provides various curricula in the areas of civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering.
Given its location, the school receives students with different backgrounds; 75 percent of its students are Madeshi, Tharu, and other minority groups. For financially disadvantaged students, the school offers special scholarships that cover half the tuition fee. This system encourages students from ethnic minorities to obtain specific technical skill and aims at the financial improvement and employment of these youths, and, as a result, the vitalization of rural towns in the southern part of Nepal.
The Embassy of Japan hopes that the project will contribute towards increasing the employment opportunities for youths of minority groups and will enhance inclusive socio-economic development. The Embassy also hopes the assistance will contribute towards strengthening the bilateral relationship between Japan and Nepal.