Mounting pressure on municipality to allow construction of TB hospital «

Mounting pressure on municipality to allow construction of TB hospital

The Madhyapurthimi municipality has come across mounting pressures from different quarters to lift seal on the under construction of 300-bed TB hospital at Madhyapur Thimi in Bhaktapur.
The municipality on December 28 had sealed the construction of the hospital building of National Tuberculosis Centre stating that the building was being constructed illegally without giving prior information to the municipality and ignoring the compliance of standards.
The municipality team headed by Mayor Madan Sundar Shrestha had sealed the construction citing it was done without taking prior approval from the municipality.
According to the municipality administration section, the municipality is facing mounting pressure from local leaders of political parties, Chief District Officer, ministers, employees of Ministry of Local Development and Ministry of Health and Department of Building Bhaktapur Office Chief to lift the seal of under-construction of hospital building.
Mayor Shrestha also admitted that there has been increasing pressure from district to central level political leadership and bureaucracy on the municipality to lift the seal.
The municipality sources said that the National TV Centre was turning down the official letter of the municipality to initiate the building construction process by taking approval for building construction. RSS