Call to handover reconstruction works to local government «

Call to handover reconstruction works to local government

Elected people representatives have stressed that the government should extend the timeline of its second tranche of grants to earthquake survivors from mid-January.
According to Chairperson of Dolakha District Coordination Committee Prabal Pandey, the construction of houses on government grant is not gaining pace. “The task will take speed only when the responsibility of reconstruction is given to the elected people’s representatives.”
Similarly, Makawanpur District Coordination Committee Chair Bhagawati Pudasaini said the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) should hand over the responsibility of reconstruction to local government.
Likewise, Nilakantha municipality Mayor Bhim Dhungana said, “The NRA has not reached out to the target beneficiaries even by sending the grant amount. The local government could expedite the rebuilding works.” RSS