NepSAS to organize three-day workshop «

NepSAS to organize three-day workshop

Nepalese Scientific Association in Switzerland (NepSAS) is going to organize a three-day workshop pertaining to technology transfer on January 3-6. The three-day long workshop aims at transforming creative ideas from its participants into thriving projects or start ups. Funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal, the event is going to be organized in the wonderful hospitality of Gate college, Kathmandu. The event also invites applications from all interested citizens of Nepal; particularly participants who want to build their creative ideas into successful projects or even participants with early stage start ups are invited to apply.
NepSAS is an organization formed by skilled Nepalese Diasporas in Switzerland and consists of students and professionals working at top universities and companies in Switzerland. NepSAS aims to facilitate technology transfer and exchange cultural values between two mountainous land-locked countries viz a viz Nepal and Switzerland who face similar challenges and opportunities. In order to realize its goals, NepSAS organizes yearly workshops and seminars both in Switzerland and Nepal.
In January, 2017, NepSAS had organized a three day workshop in Nepal. The event attracted more than 250 applications of which 50 were selected as participants of the event. The participants were guided by relevant local and online mentors with exposure to cutting-edge technologies. The current workshop will be a continuation of the first technology transfer workshop.
The second Swiss-Nepal Technology transfer workshop will focus on solving local challenges and harnessing local opportunities using modern technologies. As such, participants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Providing a wide spectrum of mentors in diverse disciplines such as biological sciences (biotechnology, immunology, cancer therapy), computer science, information technology, space science, agriculture, management, tourism etc., participants will benefit not only from diverse array of expertise but also experience the opportunity to solve problems from diverse perspectives. NepSAS believes that conglomerating participants from different disciplines into a group gives the opportunity to seek solutions from plural perspectives.
Like last year, the current event is structured into three days where around 50 participants will be grouped into 10 groups of 5 participants each. A match will consummate the interests and ideas of participants with expertise of mentors. Indeed, having mentors who have expert or field knowledge helping the participants achieve their goals is an important and unique aspect of this workshop. While candidates will be selected on merit-basis, national guideline of proportional representation will be enforced with 50 percent participation of women.
Each group will receive one-week long orientation from their corresponding mentor prior to the workshop day. The candidates will get time to carry necessary research on their idea before each present their idea in the group during workshop day. The participants will critically analyze each other’s ideas with the help of their mentors. At the end of the morning session on the first day, each group will decide on an idea, and give a chalk-talk presentation to all participants. On the remaining of the first day and the second day, each group will conceptualize a viable project, considering innovation and financial aspects. Again, the participants will receive guidance in their project conception from their respective mentors. The programme will culminate with the presentation of selected projects on the final day in front of a jury.
The best project will be selected based on originality of idea, feasibility of execution and the presentation itself.
In addition to receiving cash prizes, thewinning idea will accompany NepSAS in Himalayan Consensus Summit,a mini-world economic forum of the Himalayan region, and pitch the idea in front of regional investors. NepSAS will also coordinate with mentors to provide continuous mentorship for the incubation of the top ideas. We have partnered with Khem Lakai, Nepal ambassador for World Innovations Forum, to send successfully realized ideas in a global platform, World Innovations Forum. The forum is deemed as a parallel of World Economic Forum, and its first edition will be inaugurated in June 2018 in Lucerne, Switzerland.