The second phase works under Melamchi Drinking Water Project have begun. As part of this, the government has started pooling land that falls within the project coverage area. The government is effortful to supply water from Yangri and Larke rivulet to Kathmandu denizens through Melamchi drinking water project in this phase.

The World Bank has approved the Second Programmatic Fiscal and Public Financial Management Development Policy Credit (DPC2) Project that supports the Government of Nepal’s efforts to establish a framework to move towards fiscal federalism and improve the policy framework for public financial management.

– Recent trends, and the broader history of technological change, indicate that automation will usher in major shifts in labor markets over the next decade, displacing millions of workers but also creating millions of new jobs that require new skills. The McKinsey Global Institute, having documented these changes for several years, has produced a new report examining how automation might affect men and women differently. A key conclusion of the study is that persistent gender disparities in the workplace, as documented in a previous MGI report, will make it more difficult for women than for men to adapt to the coming changes in labor demand, skill requirements, and employment locations.



Monday 17,June,2019
Currency Unit Buying Selling
American Dollar 1 111.39 111.99
Pound 1 140.27 141.02
Euro 1 124.85 125.53
Chinese Yuan 1 16.17
Japenese Yen 10 10.26 10.32
Korean won 100 9.39 9.44
Thursday 15, February, 2018
Hallmark Gold (10 Grm)
NPR. 49210
Tejabi Gold (10 Grm)
NPR. 48955
Silver (10 Grm)
NPR. 634.50
Thursday 15,February,2018
Item Price
Petrol (MS) Npr. 104 / L
Diesel (HSD) Npr. 83 / L
Kerosene (SKO) Npr. 83 / L
Aviation Turbine Fuel Npr. 95 / L (Duty Paid)
Aviation Turbine Fuel (Jet A-1) Npr. / L (Blonded)
LP Gas/td> Npr. 1375 / Cyl