A week rarely goes by without a new dystopian prediction about technologically driven mass unemployment. As artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies advance faster than even their own developers expected, studies are finding that many of the tasks and occupations that employ people can already be automated.

Nepal needs to create 658 jobs per day, according to a World Bank report published today.Every month, the working age population increases by 35,000 people and Nepal must create 240,000 jobs a year to maintain its employment rate, the twice-a-year South Asia Economic Focus (SAEF) report reveals.

Girish Maskey and Anmesh Rayamajhi – the two 12 year old football enthusiasts from Nepal – have been selected as country’s representatives at the global Football For Friendship (F4F) social programme. The F4F programme, supported by Gazprom and FIFA aims at developing youth football and a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting tolerance, open-mindedness and respect of different cultures and nationalities between children from across the globe, according to a press note issued here today.



Thursday 19,April,2018
Currency Unit Buying Selling
American Dollar 1 104.76 105.36
Pound 1 148.85 149.71
Euro 1 129.77 130.51
Chinese Yuan 1 16.77
Japenese Yen 10 9.77 9.83
Korean won 100 9.83 9.89
Thursday 15, February, 2018
Hallmark Gold (10 Grm)
NPR. 49210
Tejabi Gold (10 Grm)
NPR. 48955
Silver (10 Grm)
NPR. 634.50
Thursday 15,February,2018
Item Price
Petrol (MS) Npr. 104 / L
Diesel (HSD) Npr. 83 / L
Kerosene (SKO) Npr. 83 / L
Aviation Turbine Fuel Npr. 95 / L (Duty Paid)
Aviation Turbine Fuel (Jet A-1) Npr. / L (Blonded)
LP Gas/td> Npr. 1375 / Cyl