Limbuwan Council says it is ready to sit for talks with government
Tuesday, Oct 09, 2018

The Federal Limbuwan State Council says it was ready to sit for talks with the government.
Council coordinator Sanjuhang Palungwa expressed the Council’s readiness for talks through a press note he issued on Monday. However, it is stated that the environment for talks would be created only after the government implemented the agreements reached with the Council before.
Palungwa reiterated the Council’s demand for establishing the rights of the indigenous nationalities, including Limbuwan, of the mMadhesis, dalits, Muslims and the oppressed peoples.
The Council has demanded that the government implement the agreement it signed with the Council in 2064 BS and declare an autonomous Limbuwan state with right to self- determination. It has also called for the unconditional release of its cadres who have been tried and jailed under trumped-up cases in course of the Limbuwan movement as well as for withdrawing the cases against them.