The Revenue Leakage (Investigation and Control- first amendment) Bill- 2075' was presented in a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today.

The apologists of a government with a strong leader hinges on the premise that you need a decisive leadership to shepherd India to a presumably 20 trillion dollar economy by 2047, which will have huge returns from Indian manpower, IT industry, satellite telecom, defence production, and services. It believes that the creativity of India, the scientific knowledge of India, and the ancient traditions of India are what the world needs.

Though the unemployment rate and jobless claims are currently lower than at any point since 1969, the US economy is still facing labor-market challenges that cannot be ignored. One stands out: the long-term decline in the US labor-force participation rate (LFPR) – a key factor in future growth.



Monday 20,May,2019
Currency Unit Buying Selling
American Dollar 1 112.06 112.66
Pound 1 142.54 143.30
Euro 1 125.04 125.71
Chinese Yuan 1 16.28
Japenese Yen 10 10.18 10.23
Korean won 100 9.38 9.43
Thursday 15, February, 2018
Hallmark Gold (10 Grm)
NPR. 49210
Tejabi Gold (10 Grm)
NPR. 48955
Silver (10 Grm)
NPR. 634.50
Thursday 15,February,2018
Item Price
Petrol (MS) Npr. 104 / L
Diesel (HSD) Npr. 83 / L
Kerosene (SKO) Npr. 83 / L
Aviation Turbine Fuel Npr. 95 / L (Duty Paid)
Aviation Turbine Fuel (Jet A-1) Npr. / L (Blonded)
LP Gas/td> Npr. 1375 / Cyl